Medium: Sculpture
Exhibition: Interazione

Tophets first became a part of the Gaetjens oeuvre as early as 2008, however the series wasn’t shown until 2014 at Point.B Studio’s “Interazione” exhibit. Below “4832 Palinurus” makes a perfect pairing with Cameron Becarrio’s Earth (Wind Overlay). All sculptures are welded, bent and burnt with a gas torch.

The works are painted differently on the recto and verso — Here “209 Dido” (Verso) by William Paul Gaetjens is paired with Earth (Temp Overlay) by Cameron Beccario:

Here, a cooler variation on the tophet flip side, with Earth (TPW Overlay) by Cameron Beccario and “209 Dido” (Recto) by William Paul Gaetjens:

A pair of tophets, 209 Dido + 1172 Äneas (Illuminated) by William Paul Gaetjens — with Earth on the left (Waterman Butterfly Projection) by Cameron Beccario.

And a uniquely colored variation with stark verso black paired with earthy color and vivid accents that debuted at our Interazione Art in the Garden event —

This sculpture is in private collection, however, a vertical counterpart is still available. Contact Point.B Studio at 541-366-2036 for pricing information.