Medium: Functional Art, Paintings, Remix
Exhibition: #isitart (REPRISE)

The Point.B Studio Door Refabrication Project

In 2018, William Paul Gaetjens restored a deteriorating metal door at Point.B Studio in his signature style developed in the Adagio and Bagatelles series. After grinding considerable rust build-up from the surface, the artist used found objects around the studio to create the final work, including oven racks, a garden rake, drainage grates, partial sculptures and other implements of historical building maintenance. Work in progress as the rust builds up again. Stay tuned.

Gooseneck Barn Lamps for mounting above the door. We ultimately chose black.

The door at various stages of development, including a brief incarnation of the door during our LIFELINE opening with the Bagatelles series arranged on the door after the first coat of primer was applied (at right).

The artist is refabricating additional works in this unique style. Watch for more details or contact Point.B Studio for more information on available custom pieces or possible commissions.