Medium: Sculpture
Exhibition: SEA-CHANGE

SEA-CHANGE series by William Paul Gaetjens. The individual parts of these sculptures were used as stencils in his Adagio paintings before they were remixed and bound together using rare earth magnets. Available exclusively from Point.B Studio.

Above is the entire Bagatelle series arranged as an mini-exhibition at SEA-CHANGE. Below are the remaining Bagatelles that we have left at the gallery in the series. Contact the gallery if you are interested in purchasing a work.

Below is the Bagatelle series as shown with “Hurricane Michael” by artists Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viégas as it appeared in New York Times Magazine.

More art employing this technique by the artist, often involving larger found art stencils and objects, can be seen in subsequent work including refabrication, platters, and furniture.