Medium: Paintings
Exhibition: SEA-CHANGE

Evolving work by William Paul Gaetjens — original paintings created during SEA-CHANGE. These colorful impressions gradually took form in concert with his new metal series, Bagatelles, using the individual pieces as stencils for painting against negative space.

Sculpted Cardboard

Mixed Media Variation (layered cardboard, glue, wood, acrylic spraypaint, handmade wire hangers) influenced by the artists’ passion for the works of Robert Rauschenberg and Kurt Schwitters, both who worked in mixed media including cardboard.

47″W x 21″H (omnidirectional sculpture)

39″W x 17″H (omnidirectional sculpture)

Color Studies

28″W x 28″H
Acrylic Spraypaint on Canvas (study for cardboard sculptures)

More work that was inspired by this slow layered stenciling technique that is a time-intensive visually layered discovery process (with the creation of a new stencil leading to changes in the surface art) can be found in functional art works that were created in 2010-2020 in the artist’s Port Orford studio. See: platters, jewelry and other functional art.