Medium: Sculpture
Exhibition: Gegenschein

“Cloudtagging” is a sculpture series centered on three kinetic pieces that can be rearranged or displayed as free-standing sculptures. These works were displayed in a projection installation by artist Rebecca Malamud-Evans featuring the work of several artists. A few omnidirectional wall sculptures are available in the series.

“Cloudtagging II” by William Paul Gaetjens illuminated by “PIXELiNN / LANGUAGES 05” with Nikolas Koroloff

“Cloudtagging” (William Paul Gaetjens) illuminated by “London” (Stephen Von Worley) during “Gegenschein”

“Cloudtagging” (William Paul Gaetjens) illuminated by “Paris” (Stephen Von Worley) during “Gegenschein”

The sculpture on the left was a unique approach by the artist consisting of three interlocking sculptures that could be rearranged in different configurations. He has explored this type of physical interactive art (that requires manual intervention on behalf of the viewer) as early as 2002 and on a smaller scale with his red suite and bagatelle miniatures.