Pastel Restoration

Medium: Pastels, Remix
Exhibition: ROAD TRIPS

Restoration of early pastels by William Paul Gaetjens is currently in progress. Collectors and admirers can help keep the restoration project moving forward by acquiring a work of art today! Please contact Point.B Studio for details.

We’re designing a modular dowel rod hanging system for the pastels so they can easily be removed, viewed, appreciated and reorganized. The gallery’s goal is to get all of the pastels catalogued and organized in a meaningful way (date, similarly visual, etc) to gain insight into the full oeuvre as this is a fluent way for the artist to explore ideas before they are presented in other mediums.

As we restore and photograph the works to our satisfaction, we will add them to this website. If you are interested in a work, please contact the gallery. The restored works will be available as well as giclée prints of select pastels (most likely ones that cannot be restored fully using traditional methods. See Memes.). We plan to share our step-by-step process for other artists looking for a means to restore their own art.