Kinetic Steel Sculpture
33″W x 33″H x 5″D (closed)

Signature artwork for αἰτία by William Paul Gaetjens for “αἰτία / Art in the Information Age”

Art on back wall – Synoecism by William Paul Gaetjens
On the table: Art of countune by Gerd Jansen.
Part of the αἰτία exhibit at Point.B – Art in the Information Age in 2011

Kinetic Steel Sculpture
70″W x 33″H x 5″D (open)

Taken during the 2012 summer mentoring program The Rural Design Collective Headquarters.

A masterful sculpture with a myriad of moveable and removeable parts (so it can be reconfigured and never viewed quite the same way twice) and a musicality as it opens and closes.

This exquisite piece was a pivotal point in Gaetjens body of work that led to his kinetic sculpture series including “Synoecism.” Each piece is removeable and can be re-arranged like notes in a musical composition.

Contact Point.B Studio regarding availability: 541-366-2036.